The Essential Hirschman

Albert O. Hirschman

Book cover

I enjoyed Hirschman’s “Exit, Voice, and Loyalty,” and was given this compilation of essays as a gift some years later. It is, as one might expect from a full-career retrospective, somewhat of a mixed bag. I did read it cover to cover, but I liked some essays and slogged through others. It was pretty easy to tell which ones I would like or not by the titles: “Rival Views of Market Society” yes, “A Generalized Linkage Approach with Special Reference to Staples” no. Generally, I was engaged by his more philosophical later works, and less so by his more technical earlier works.

I am definitely interested (ha) in reading his book “The Passions and the Interests,” whose material is given briefer treatment in some of the more interesting essays in this volume.

My Goodreads rating: 3 stars