Last Seen After Midnight

Budjette Tan

Book cover

See my review of Trese #1, “Murder on Balete Drive,” for a broader view of the series.

I love Trese but felt this was the weakest volume of those I have read. The four “cases” in it are fairly episodic and disconnected from one another, and don’t do much to advance our knowledge of Alexandra Trese or the relationships between characters.

By far the best of the four cases in this volume is “Wanted: Bedspacer.” It has a great noir-ish, sorrowful story, and is the most “detective-y” and least “action-y” of the four. We get to see Alexandra Trese putting together clues based on her knowledge of the supernatural, and the full reveal at the end is a great combination of lore and mundane/modern components.

My Goodreads rating: 3 stars