The Totally Awesome Hulk, Vol. 1: Cho Time

Greg Pak

Book cover

I was excited when I learned that there was a new (well, new a few years ago) Korean-American Incredible Hulk named Amadeus Cho. I’m not a big comic book person, but I’ve recently really enjoyed both “Ironheart” and “Into the Spider-Verse.” I’m glad there is some effort to make superheroes more diverse.

While this book does contribute to that effort, it wasn’t what I look for in a story. Riri Williams and Miles Morales are both lovable characters with a lot of heart; by contrast, Amadeus Cho is basically an arrogant bro. The story seemed very unfocused to me, and the main objectives seemed to be (a) to throw some sexy villainesses at Cho, and (b) to include a bunch of other Marvel characters. (Spider-Man appears, and according to his costume and the other reviews on Goodreads, it is supposed to be Miles Morales–he never appears out of mask–but he’s written generically enough that I wasn’t sure.) Unfortunately, after this volume, I’m not inclined to pick up another Totally Awesome Hulk. But I do have the Miles Morales Spider-Man collection on hold at the library!

My Goodreads rating: 2 stars