Mythspace, Volume 1

Paolo Chikiamco

Book cover

Fun graphic novel of Filipino mytho-futurism written (and signed to me!) by a friend of the family! Each of the six stories is done by a different artist, and it’s fun to see the difference each of their styles makes to the story being told. My favorite one, both in terms of the art and the story itself, was “Uncommon Ground,” which is a detective story (my Trese fandom may be showing through here). In general I thought the art in the last three stories was more “legible” than in the first three, perhaps because they feature less action (which can be confusing to portray in black & white).

I love the crew of Ri-en, Books, and Zu from “Unfurling of Wings,” and badly want to play a one-shot RPG with the three of them as the party.

My Goodreads rating: 4 stars