Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Vol. 1

Brian Michael Bendis

Book cover

I gather that somewhere between “Ultimate Collection” Volume 3 and this book (which as far as I can tell follows it immediately in the Miles Morales collections), Miles transferred to an alternate universe and, among other things, his mom Rio Morales is back alive. I guess this kind of thing happens a lot in comics, but it was a little jarring for me given the emotional weight that event was intended to have for Miles.

The story-lines in this collection were just OK. The “overbearing Latina grandma” thing seemed like a tired shtick. Blackheart, Black Cat, and Hammerhead all fell pretty flat as villains for me. The brief interaction between Miles and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel was a nice bright spot. I also surprisingly liked the introduction of Goldballs at Miles’s school, although I think he has a super dumb power and I think the artists fail to differentiate him enough visually from Ganke (same build and hairstyle). His arrival triggers some interesting relationship development between Miles and Ganke–a relationship which, while I love it to death, has seemed pretty fixed through the course of the series.

My Goodreads rating: 3 stars